Landscape Maintenance

Quality landscape maintenance practices can prolong the life and beauty of your property and in turn, its asset value.

Signature's landscape management philosophy approaches the care of the landscape from a comprehensive, long-term perspective. We understand the needs of the landscape including soil, plant material and the specific ecosystem. Through our landscape assessment plan we also include your budgetary and site management requirements into our program.

Our thorough property review process covers all aspects of the landscape including irrigation efficiency, plant health, turf care, design issues and renovation needs.This review can be incorporated into long-term budgets to assist in future planning and cost controls.

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During a typical year under our care many project ideas may be generated for your site that, while responsive to your needs, don't fit in the current budget. As you begin your budgeting process for the next cycle we will meet with you to review your long-term goals and provide you with an annual matrix showing all pending and requested proposals as well as ongoing costs for maintenance, seasonal color etc.

Long-Term Planning

Landscape design often incorporates twice the amount of plant material than will be sustainable on site when mature. In addition, proper soil development is ignored and drainage problems are not well understood until the site is completed. Signature can provide you with a written long-term (3-5 years) management plan to guide you through these and other common landscape problems without starting over.