Arbor Care

Urban environments challenge trees by limiting root and crown space and intensifying wind as well as heat and glare from the sun. In these conditions, trees can become a liability to property managers but with a little care and help they can be a wonderful asset instead. Performing regular tree care promotes good health and proper structure, enhancing the value of your investment.

Tree Inspection

Regular inspection allows us to address problems before they become too serious. Crown dieback, trunk decay and reduced vigor are some signs of health problems that prompt further analysis. Our arborists thoroughly diagnose your trees and make recommendations for appropriate regimens.

Technical Pruning

Pruning is often necessary to remove diseased or dead limbs. It also improves structure, reduces risk and liability and improves the overall vigor of a tree. Pruning should begin early in the life of a tree and be performed regularly to achieve these goals. Signature has the experience, special equipment and training to perform all aspects of technical pruning.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization places much-needed nutrients directly into the root zone of nutrient-deficient trees. Tree roots are opportunistic and develop near sources of oxygen, nutrients and water. Deep root fertilization provides all of these essential growth elements by injecting a liquid fertilizer below the soil surface, a process which also alleviates compaction and aerates the soil.

Additional Services

Tree Risk Assessment, Installation and Transplanting, Staking and Guying, Removal, Construction Preservation/Recovery, Cabling and Bracing